Ye Olde Timekeepers, Inc.

Ye Olde Timekeepers, Inc. is a family owned firm which focus on the acquisition of exotic watches and jewels since 1978. Ye Olde Timekeepers has been one of the largest distribution supply companies exclusively to the major auction houses worldwide & has consigned some of the most Important watches and jewels to hit the market in practically every vintage, market place & genre of timepiece/jewel for over 40 years.

Ye Olde Timekeepers is an industry leader which has been accredited for introducing four of the most iconic examples in their very first protoype form to the market which were previously unrecorded anywhere else in history which are: 1, The Salvador Dali Eye of Time Gemstone timepiece brooch, 2, The Patek Philippe world time reference 96 calatrava prototype wristwatch, 3, The Patek Philippe "Palmer "Grand Complication pocket watch, and 4,The Patek Philippe "Ethan Allen" Perpetual Grand Complication pocket watch. Ye Olde Timekeepers has placed over 500 acquisitions collectively in the Patek Philippe Museum, Audemars Piguet Museum and Vacheron Constantin Museum over the past four decades ranging from Complicated pocket watches to rare gemstone timepieces and important wristwatches and clocks as well as very important jewelry acqusitions. Ye Olde Timekeepers, Inc has placed over 35% of all front covers, back covers or inside front covers of every single auction catalog that has occurred in one of the major auction houses around the world for the past 5 years, as well as, introduced some of the most important and rare timepiece and jewelry discoveries to reach the market and countless record breaking results in all price categories and regions of the world. It is with this sophisticated global and historical insight we have opened an online Salon as part of our retail division to offer select examples to the public so timepiece and jewel collectors can buy direct and when they want without the delay of signing up for an auction registration, but with the guarantee of the highest level of quality only expected from an auction house.

Ye Olde Timekeepers has been an industry leader and member of all the major trade associations for over 40 years. We are first making the transition online and are enthusiastic to meet like minded collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate horological and jeweled rarities in all ranges of jewels and watches from the unique and complicated Patek Philippe Grand complication Clock Watches to the Art Deco Cartier Chinois Boudoir clocks or from Van Cleef and Arpels Antique Zipper necklaces. From the Heuer Autavias wristwatches and the Post World War 2 Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Divers Watches and to the Patek Philippe Enamel Solar Clocks, Ref 2499s and1518s, and finally the Van Cleef & Arpels Mystery-set Sapphire & Diamond wristwatches and Vacheron & Constantin Assymetericals; We appreciate them all and enjoy meeting others who also share in this interest and collect as well.


Ye Olde Timekeepers, Inc.

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